Photo composition techniques project By: dominic

This picture shows angle because you look at the basketball rim from the bottom and not from an angle you usually see like in front of you.

This picture is a Rule of third because your focus is the basketball hoop but it is not in the center. That's why it is rule of thirds.

This is repetition because it the block on the left is really smooth and so is the block on the right. So it repeats because it looks the same.

This is framing because your picture is the brick wall but the circle is like a type of frame.

This is strong subject because your subject is the building and not the sky or the grass.

This picture is a leading line because you're following the trail/path to the end.

This picture shows pattern because each rock looks different from the other.

This picture shows texture because you see the textures of the tree.

This picture shows selective focus because your focusing on the grass.

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