Photography Portfolio Karissa sardina

These were my three first photos I took in this class.
These are the first three photos I edited in snapseed. I think the "Happy Halloween" pumpkin and the regular black and white pumpkin are my favorite pictures I've edited in snapseed because it's pretty and fall-ish.
The photographer I picked was Berenice Abbott. I made this photograph like hers by putting a vintage filter on it and photographing the types of transportation our century has in the city.
These three are my top favorite black and white photos I've taken. I love these three because they make you think and are powerful pictures in my opinion. I love the contrast of light and dark too.
My favorite still life is a good tie between the top picture and the bottom left picture. I think these are my favorites because they have a rustic, detailed feel to them.
I think my favorite portrait has to be either the one of Alyssa looking at the camera or my brothers silly face because it shows his goofy personality. I like the one of Alyssa too because it shows the structure of her cheekbones and it's perfectly shadowed.
I think these are my most creative picture I've taken in this class. My experience in this class was very pleasant. This class really got my creative juices flowing. I enjoyed myself everyday class period that I attended. I this class will be a very memorable part of my high school experience. This was really a fun class to take and I hope my photography continues improving with what you taught us. :)
I think this is was one of my absolute favorite photographs I took in this because it really gives me peace to look at. It has a peaceful feeling to it and I love reliving in this place when I look at it. This place has a special place in my heart.

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