Artists' Health The negative Effects to being an Artist

This presentation will be about the health issues artists' can get just from their line of work. Most people don't think of it as a career choice, let alone a dangerous one, but there are in fact many dangerous factors to being an artist.

First, we have Mangaka. Mangaka are people who draw Manga, or Japanese Comics. Japan is a place where over-working is a fairly accurate stereotype, and this applies to the manga artists. Many of them get severe injuries and illnesses from working constantly and not taking care of themselves.

There are many artists who have received health hazards and ailments, but for now, lets go over the problematic conditions some received.

The first condition is Lumbar Compression Fracture. In this condition, the bones of the spine slowly begin to weaken and crumble, and cannot be cured. Mangaka are typically bending over their work, their back constantly hunched over, so this condition would be a result of this.

Next is the norovirus. A norovirus is an illness that causes stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. Often called the winter stomach bug, being more easily caught in the winter. It can also be caught through food poisoning with contaminated food. The artists ultimately don't take care of themselves, and this lack of self-care can result in ailments.

Third: Cancer. Again with the lack of ability to care for themselves, and with so much work, they can't get to the hospital during the early stages, especially if they aren't aware. A Mangaka named Satoshi Kon had discovered pancreatic cancer had formed in his bones, and had half a year left to live. This man died 7 years ago in 2010.

Fourth: Degenerative eye disease. Diseases like this can ultimately have a person lose their eyesight, and that can't be too good. An animator named Tetsuo Hara received a disease like this called keratoconus, and left him blind in an eye. He still animates, and his assistants help clean up his work.

Fifth: Corperal Tunnel Syndrome. In this condition, a section of the hand goes numb or has a strange pricking sensation because of a clenched nerve in the wrist. As one can imagine, artists draw a lot, their wrists always being bent or layer apon. It's logical that some can get this. (People who don't type properly can also get this)

Sixth: Anemia. Anemia is a condition where one does not have enough healthy blood cells, and can result in loss of consciousness and fatigue. Extreme cases result in hospitalization.

Seventh: Heart attack. Amount the research used, one of the more common unhealthy results found was heart attack. Not all people die from heart attack, if treated immediately. However, a number of artists' books have been cut short on account of the artist dying from heart attack, or otherwise.

Eighth: Death. Asforementioned, people can die from their career or line of work. This goes on both lack of ability for self-care and illnesses, and injuries from constantly working in one place. Also aforementioned, a number of series's have been cut short on account of the artist either being too sick or injured to continue, or dying.

Nineth: Hospitilzation. Some cases of injuries and ailments are serious enough to result in hospitalization. Most artists don't even grip a pen after diagnosis and said hospitalization.

Onto some problems more serious artists can get, though Mangaka can receive these as well. First is stress. This was something my second outside expert told me. Artists, Mangaka, and art teachers all have deadlines to make, and need a job. These deadlines can result in stress, and this can seriously damage one's health.

The next few images were something my first outside expert told me. She had said that many of the paints used by artists contain toxins and chemicals. . .

... Inhaling these paints can cause lung problems such as asthma.

Two dangerous tools some artists use are exacto blades and glue guns. Both are used to meld works of art, preferably more among the three-dimensional works. However, using these tools can harm one in the creation-process.

First is the X-acto blade. As one can imagine, these tools are very sharp and are used to cut things more evenly, as opposed to scissors. If not careful, one can cut themselves by accident, and the cut could get infected if not cleaned and disinfected properly.

Lastly, is the glue gun. After it's been heating up for a while, depending on the type of glue gun, these can get very hot. Unlike the exacto blade, these are used to glue things together quite quickly, as opposed to standard glue bottles and glue sticks. When the glue first comes out, it's very hot so it's important not to touch it. I, myself, have burned myself using a glue gun on multiple occasions because I wasn't being careful and not paying attention to what I was doing.

It is all of these factors and more that makes being any type of artist a dangerous job. True, there are rules and laws and safety labels to keep people from getting such problems, but even after obeying and reading the labels, people are going to get hurt and sick regardless of what they've been told to do.

Another problem that needs to be solved is the overworking problem in other countries such as Japan. It is because of stress and overworking that has people getting injured and ailments. This isn't so much as following rules, but a very bad habit that the government needs to control.

Someday, people could make paints out of natural substances to prevent the lung problems, instead of chemicals, and create a tip for glueguns that don't transfer heat to prevent people from getting burned more often.

The End

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