FID II Digital Portfolio Kaylee sims

Stitch Book

Upper Left: Tailor's Tack, Upper Middle: Plain Seam, Upper Right: Flat Felled Seam, Bottom Left: Machine Blind Hem, Bottom Right: Single Pointed Dart

In the weaving project three different weaves are displayed as seen above.
For the Barbie Replica we chose a designer and made a replica of an outfit from that designer. I chose Kate Spade and made this floral printed off the shoulder fit and flare dress. Kate Spade is known for her feminine designs that are sleek, modern and include pops of color which is exhibited in her high end fashion line.
This housing project was to replicate and teach us the steps of what building a house and the effort that actually goes into it.
To learn about the different types of fabrics and how they are affected by different outside factors we did this fabric test sheet. In the fabric test sheet we tested different fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, acetate, etc. We preformed different tests on these fabrics such as analyzing their appearance and doing burn tests, which is shown on the sheets above.
This cosmetic bag has a quilted appearance with a usable zipper and tabs for picking up and holding on the ends.
This damask skirt has a scrunched waist band with a plain white top surged to the top.


Created with images by MonikaP - "needle thread sewing thread" • MonikaP - "needle thread sewing thread"

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