Lauren Shaw Personal Empowerment coaching

Like many, I have felt lost, directionless, and unfulfilled in my life. In my early adult years, I struggled with an eating disorder that would contribute to a dramatic weight gain. Depressed and physically and mentally sick, I would find the motivation to regain my health. In the process of losing over 80 pounds, I would pursue my dream of helping others to break the cycle of emotional eating. As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, the decision to become a certified personal trainer was a natural fit.

In addition to my unyielding dedication to health of fitness, I am equally passionate about entrepreneurship. As a small-business owner of over 16 years, I became keenly aware of attributes and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, as well as many experiences I would acquire from good old-fashioned trial and error. I am an emphatic advocate for small businesses, and love helping others bring their dreams of self-employment to fruition.

At 34, I would also realize the magical and transformative gift of parenthood. As a single mother, I faced many challenges and hardships; yet, I drew great strength from those experiences. I would come to learn that having a solid support system was necessary for the pursuit of my personal well-being and professional endeavors, as well as the understanding that it really is okay to ask for help. It truly does take a village!

I have always had a strong desire and passion for counseling and coaching. Following a successful career as a professional personal trainer – owning and operating two private fitness training studios – I would go on to receive my Master’s in Psychology in 2012 from the University of the Rockies. Presently, I am a Psychology Doctoral Candidate (Psy.D.) with the University of the Rockies. My doctoral research explores the urban gardening phenomenon and the influences on the personal health decisions of participants.

Today at 40, I am more impassioned about life than ever before! More importantly, I truly thrive on helping others overcome the negative narratives and barriers to success, just as I did, in order to realize their true potential – in health, self-love, relationships, business, and personal well-being.

So, what exactly is “life coaching?” Think of life coaching as personal training for your life – the ultimate goal is to create a healthier, stronger YOU! A great coach encapsulates three important abilities: honesty, empathy, and objectivity. The coach will work to bring out the best in you, and in the process, teach you how to improve. My overarching goal in the coaching process is to teach you the skills to apply to your daily life, today and going forward, so that you will become your own coach.

Rarely is coaching ever a “quick fix,” rather, it’s an involved, collaborative process between the client and coach that should be intensive and insightful. Coaching is a purposeful investment in YOU, so plan to maximize this time for optimal results.


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