#PelicanYoga NOW has Two Locations at Merry Pier STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

Feb. 3, 2017. The Pelican Beakon, the pelican newspaper, dispatched their photographer to Merry Pier on Pass-A-Grille to cover the additional #PelicanYoga location. The original site was just north of the pier where the old pylons are located This site offers the expert #PelicanYoga classes along with quiet and solitude. The recently opened location is on Merry Pier's south side. This location offers both beginner and advanced #PelicanYoga classes

Merry Pier now offers three #PelicanYoga class levels — beginner, advanced and expert. No more flying to another location. Hot #PelicanYoga, Storm #PelicanYoga, and Bridge #PelicanYoga are still offered at their current locations.

EXPERT #PelicanYoga: North Side of Merry Pier

The north location at Merry Pier offers the expert level class using the narrow cement pylons. Participation requires an "Advanced" certification.

#PelicanYoga recommends starting on the lower pylons and working your way to the the taller ones.

This is one of the most extreme #PelicanYoga poses. Balance is key. The instructor is watching from below. This pelican is able to hold this position for a considerable amount of time. However, you can hold this as long as you able. The class allows you to set your own pace.

Landing pose is a series of positions that work the "core" muscles.

The full wing back pose while standing on the pylon can be difficult in moderate to high wind conditions. Focus is key.

This male pelican owns the world record for holding full wing back pose. Here he is slowly easing his wings forward to move to another pose.

A new instructor has been added. He is a recent graduate of the Master #PelicanYoga Instructors Class. He will be responsible for all beginner class at the Merry Pier.

New Location on South Side of Merry Pier

The south side offers both beginner and advanced #PelicanYoga classes. The beginners use the walkways, which are safer. The advanced classes use the wood pylons. Each class offers a certification where you can work at your pace. You can also move to the next level with your class mates. Please inquire about group discounts for three. Don't forget, #PelicanYoga offers child and senior discounts!

The advanced classes on the wood pylons offer plenty of room to stretch.

Here, two mates are taking a friend to his first beginner class on the walkway.

If you are older and not comfortable standing, you may sit on the pylon. The senior class has #pelicanyoga poses designed for the older generation who are not as flexible! While #PelicanYoga has a separate class for seniors, you may join the other classes.

Water classes are a part of the beginning classes. This male pelican is practicing filling his beak's pouch while under water and raising his head.

Serious mediation pose. This is especially helpful when you have been harassed by the seagulls, one too many times!

When meditation goes too far... Zzzzzzzz!

Turning your pose into the wind helps to maintain symmetry and balance. This also helps you stay wake!

#PelicanYoga pose is called "Wings outstretched and above the head while on the wood pylon".

To pass the advance wood pylon class, you must be able to land without disturbing anyone.

Missed landings use the "Wings out pose".

Enjoy more stories and images of what I get to enjoy everyday!

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