Transformations BY: tOMMY,tYSON


This is our picture for our explanation down low!

"Translation" is just a fancy word for sliding. So if this were to be in real life you could connect to skiing or snowboarding. We thought you could because they slide but instead of sliding units on a graph there sliding meters down a hill. Another example of translation's is a checker board. The whole game is about translation's and getting your kings to the other side of the bored.

This is the base or the board of the game checker's.


Reflections on a graph are usually being reflected over the X - Axis the Y - Axis or over the origin. Reflections are every where there super easy to find as you can see in our glide show with the lake and the mountains reflection in the water. Also another example for reflections is a mirror because you can see yourself on the other side and that's a reflection. And for our last example we have used a picture of our school doors because if you were to put this on a grid it would be a reflection over the y axis!

See this is a perfect reflection!


Dilation is where you are Multiplying the shape by a number and getting your new points on the grid and placing them down. The shape is also the exact same but it's just getting bigger or smaller. So if you want to connect this to real life then let's say you have a shape made out of wood then multiplied the dimensions by a number or divided and recreated another one with the same shape but smaller.

So as you can see in these photo's the lock is the same shape and it get's bigger we don't exactly have the dimensions but it is similar and does get bigger and bigger.


Rotations are shape's that can do a full 360 like in the background as you can see there's a fairs wheel which does a full rotation (so a 360) Also another example this is my bike wheel when your biking the tire also does a full rotation. And for the last object you could also use a lock as an example for rotation although weave already used this as an example this is still a great example for rotations. So as you can see there are so many rotations out in this world of ours and there just so easy to find.

Locks are also a great example of rotation's!


Symmetry is where if you were to split something in half each half would be the exact same so as you can see in the photo above of the paint on the road top if you were to split it right down the middle each side would be symmetrical to each other.


Created with images by fdecomite - "Soma cubes" • Pexels - "boy cold goggles" • Gellinger - "chess chess board game board" • Flo's shots 4 me - "Reflection" • Jonas B - "Reflection" • Jaro Larnos - "The day at the fair" • Silentpilot - "road line symmetry"

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