UX Artifacts Design methods and deliverables

Service Blue Prints: A process to discover and learn about consumer touchpoints with your product/brand, as well as uncovering all related process. Useful tool in identifying the process in which your audience engages and uses your product and how to improve it.

synthesis process and final presentation of blue print

Journey Maps: Process of discovering and understanding the users experience through a service or lifestyle. Allows designers to uncover the consumer’s motivations and needs to help guide design solutions and direction.

left: final representation of journey | Right: journey map in its working form.

Personas: A snapshot of a specific audience that highlights their behaviors, motivations, emotions, frustrations, goals and demographics. Personas are constructed through interviews of individuals that closely matches the target/existing audience.

Ecosystem Map: A visualization of the company’s connections between services and products and their overall touchpoints, connections and strategy. Informs designers with potential areas of interactions and provides insights into where certain areas can be improved.

example: eco system map

Process Diagrams: Process diagrams visually show a process, including the different decision points and process flows. They are more commonly used by business analysts but can be equally used by UX designers to outline a set of user journeys, or the logic utilised within a particular part of a site or app.

Moodboards: A visual representation of images based on inspirations, ideas, colors, emotion, typography, interactions for references that evolves into a product’s visual direction and style. Provides designers with visual design direction at an early stage.

Storyboards: A visual storytelling tool that illustrates a series of users actions across an experience related to a service or product. Has the potential to depict UX scope, areas of needs and potential touch-points. Helps designers visualize use case scenarios of new designs as well as current UX in real world scenarios.

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