Singapore Coffee Festival 2017 Shot with Fujifilm X100F / Acros Film Simulation

I was invited by my friend to attend the Singapore Coffee Festival 2017 which was hosted at Marina Cruise Centre. I drink coffee, but I'm not a coffee die-hard fans, I personally prefer tea than coffee. Anyway, since there wasn't much going on so I just hopped by to take a look of the festival and see what it offers.

Exhibitors from all around the world.

There were booths selling some rare beans, and as you would expect there are coffee tasting available, and of course you can just buy all the beans or powder you like and brew them at home. Coffee machines were also on sale. There were some other coffee related food like ice cream, coffee pork ribs burger and so on available for coffee lovers.

Coffee tasting.

Friendly exhibitors.

Not just coffee.

Besides that, there were all sorts of activities and talks going on as well. There were also some booths that sells tea and some wine, probably catered for non-coffee lovers who were dragged to the event by someone else. All in all, it was pretty crowded but still relatively easy to move around.

Workshops and informative sharing sessions

I particularly enjoyed booths with nice setup or baristas with unique character. I got to taste a cup of Japanese dripped coffee and a cup of Indian Chai tea. The former was not bad, the later is a bit... weird, as the tea is full of taste of herbs and spices, which wasn't something usual to me. Nevertheless, it was a very good experience trying new stuff.

For coffee lovers who enjoys brewing their own coffee at home, this will for sure be a very interesting event which they will enjoy a lot. I would recommend you to visit it the next time when it is organized. Till then.

A cup of well brewed coffee.

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