National Horse Riding Day July 1st

National Horse Riding Day should be a national holiday. Horse riding is something every one should try, it is challenging which is why I think there should be a national holiday for it. National Horse Riding Day would be for horse riders all over to come together and ride their horses.


This day will be special, horse riders all over would enjoy riding their horse. Horse riding is hard, you have to work extremely long with your horse. This National Day would show them that their hard work pays off.

Dressage rider


There are 9.2 million horses in the U.S.
70% of the people in the U.S. own and ride a horses.
Every state has at least 20 people that own a horse or horses.
Champion riders make a living off showing, they make an average of $60,000 a year.
The Quater Horse is the most popular horses breed.
In Britain alone there are 1.6 million horse riders.
78,279 people seen a doctor in 2007 because of falling off a horse.
AQHA is the largest membership group in horsemanship.
Dover Saddlery is the largest tack producers in the U.S.
People have been riding horses for 6,000 years.
Many different kinds of horse riders.

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