Withering Rose BY: Heaven Gonzalez

Sydney, Australia... The place they would never think to see again.
  • Exposition : Setting in Sydney, Australia in a blue, two-story house
  • Characters w/ Traits: three of five kids and the dad have black hair... that is Leticia, Dylan, and Chase. Luna and Laudea have blue died it into blue, purple, and black. Rose is their beloved mother who died of ''UNKNOWN CAUSES'' and Linda ,their 'new mom' is trying to fill the shoes of that woman but her step kids have 'other plans'. The boys being 6' ft tall and the girls, 5'5 that is the same height as their mother.
The first and last place Rose ever saw her beloved children, crying in her arms both times.
  • Rising action- Dying in the arms of her five beautiful and strong children, she makes them live with their dad. He had left because of the constant fights with Rose which was at a time of need, the only one who ever kept contact was Leticia who has personality disorder from her grandma. Hmm, maybe that's why she did what she did.
"Wow, this house never changed a bit," Lottie says in disgust.
  • Climax- Moving in with your dad you haven't seen in years and your semi-nice step-mom is really awkward, especially when both are trying to catch up with you and only one of five kids are answering them.
Lottie and Luna going to a therapist.
  • Falling action- It's been two years and still, no one has found the poison that killed Rose. That hope the four kids had turned into depression, so much that the two girls have yet to dye their hair another color, the hair turning to it's original brown. While they are in therapy and counselling, Leticia is sucking up to her gullible father to get anything she wants.
''She is going to a place where people like her belong.''- Mark Ramirez
  • Resolution- Mark calls the police and the murderer who killed Rose and the children go live with their aunt back in London with their friends who comfort them on the discovery of the murderer of their mother. The news is revolting and horrible to even think about and the siblings vow to never speak of it ever again. Little did they know the girl was waiting for them when she got out.
'' I will find you my precious siblings!''- Leticia Ramirez


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