is being vegan healthy? T

Many people choose to be vegan because it is healthy, but is it really true? "Contrary to popular belief, you can’t get vitamin A from carrots. Vegetables provide carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, while animal sources such as liver and pastured egg yolks provide true vitamin A. Many people believe that carotene can be converted into vitamin A, but this conversion is usually insignificant. First, it takes a huge amount of carotene to convert to a moderate amount of vitamin A. Second, when there is poor thyroid function, impaired digestion or a a lack of healthy fats in the diet, this conversion won’t happen. In the same way, useable vitamin D (natural vitamin D3) is only found in animal products such as pastured egg yolks, cod liver oil and dairy products from grass-grazing animals. Traditionally, ancient cultures that lived in darker environments relied heavily on these vitamin-D rich foods (for example, Scandinavians ate copious amounts of salmon and grassfed butter). The myth that we can obtain vitamin D from mushrooms is false… mushrooms contain vitamin D2, which is extremely poorly absorbed.

Vitamin A and Vitamin D are particularly essential for immune regulation, digestion, fertility and hormone balance"(Is Vegan Healthy? 10 Reasons Why I'll Never Be Vegan, 2017). another example, is that vegans rely of soy to get there protein. The main problem with consuming soy is the Phytoestrogen content. "Phytoestrogens can mimic estrogen in the body, causing a chain reaction of hormone imbalances" (Is Vegan Healthy? 10 Reasons Why I'll Never Be Vegan, 2017). Another example, is that vegan diets do not have vitamin K2. vitamin K2 is what puts calcium into your bones. You can eat all the calcium you want but it wont make your bones stronger without the help of K2. plants do not provide K2. "Like other fat-soluble vitamins, Vitamin K2 is found fatty sources – Mother Nature packages the vitamin with the cofactors required to absorb it. You’ll get vitamin K2 in pastured egg yolks, milk and cheese from grassfed animals, liver, beef, and chicken (Is Vegan Healthy? 10 Reasons Why I'll Never Be Vegan, 2017).

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