Day in the life of Sports Writing Photos by: Erika LAngford, PRinceton hs

HSJI Sport Writing Class make their way to the top floor of the Monroe County History Center in Bloomington, IN, for a lesson about the historical sports presence in Bloomington and famous athletes that graduated from Indiana University.
While playing a Bloomington based sports trivia game all of the students were engaged and worked together as a group to get every question correct.
Speaking with the students, retired sports editor Bob Hammel talks about his job with the Bloomington Herald-Times for 30+ years and his coverage at the past Olympic games.
During a lecture with Bob Hammel, DJ Fezler {front left} expressed his love for sports and writing. "I've been participating in sports since elementary school and I have always had a strong fondness for them along with writing,' said Fezler.
When asked about his favorite topic that Bob Hammel spoke on, Will Cunningham was more than happy to answer. "I really enjoyed when he talked about how to write a good story and how to conduct a good interview," said Cunningham.
Wearing a Cincinnati Reds jersey, Dean Hume, HSJI Sports Writing instructor sits on the lecture with Bob Hammel and shares why he loves sports journalism and why he enjoys teaching the course. "Sports in an interesting venue-- so many peoples stories-- and things change every season," said Hume. "I enjoy teaching this class because the kids are awesome and opinionated. That leads to constant discussion, which is more fun,. I've been lucky to work with great students and supportive administration," said Hume.

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