App development with swift Brenda Díaz A01570325

Lesson 1

Playground Basics

In playground you can program a setup that can helps me type and get the answers to basic calculations. I learned how to type and change a code, where to get the results of my work, add notes of what my variables/codes mean, how to change and notice my mistakes.


Lesson 2

Naming and Identifiers

In this lesson i learned how to code in order to solve a problem, this means (it is expected) that i'll be more easier to get to the solution. While coding, you need to assign good name to the values in order to know what they represent.



Lesson 3


I learned how to text in programming, how to program in order to change and combine words. Playground is useful to experiment with strings and numbers.

Character/Escape Character:

Escape sequence:



Lesson 4

Hello, World!

in this chapter i read about the importance of communication, that everyone needs to be approachable in case of emergency. I learned how to leave messages for my friends, how to leave notes for myself, where to look whenever i find an error in my code and how to identify them (bugs).



Activity #2: classwork

Lesson 5

First App

In this lesson i read about how to be more comfortable with playgrounds, and start thinking about creating my own app via my iOS device. A lot of moving parts need to work together to make an app run, and Xcode is the best tool for putting them all together.


Lesson 6


In this lesson i learned how to avoid typing the same lines of code over again whenever i want to repeat them, how to define and call functions. Keeping codes inside a function makes it easier to tweak the way a program works.

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