Retrieval Practice Learning and critical Thinking

Procedures chosen: 1) Flashcards 2)Self-testing 3)Recite and record

Test 1 Entomology - Grade: 84

  • Technique used for Test 2- Self testing.
  • For the technique of self-testing, my teacher gave us an outline of the topics she would be testing us on. So, I studied approximately 2 hours a day for 1 week for this test. I would study for 1 hour and the other hour I would self-test. Basically, I wrote out questions based on the topics I would be tested on and I would answer them to the best of my ability. If I missed one I would add that question to the self-test the next day. Then, after the week was over I created a self-test over every topic.
  • Grade received on Test 2- 88

Quiz 2- Microeconomics: Grade Received- 60

  • Technique used: Quizlet
  • For Quiz 3, I decided to try and use the Quizlet pages my instructor had uploaded. She had uploaded about 3 different Quizlet sets based on the material we had previously learned and the material we would be quizzed on next. I studied for about 1 hours over the course of a week and a half. I would review all the cards in one set (noting the ones I did not know) and then move on to the next set. After going through all of the sets, I would then review the cards I did not get right. Then, for about 10 minutes towards the end, I would review all the cards in every set.
  • Grade received on quiz 3- 90

Test 1 Microeconomics-Grade Received: 84

  • Procedure used for Test 2- Recite and Record
  • For Test 2, I used the Recite and Record procedure. For 30 minutes each day for 2 weeks I would recite the material learned that day and record myself. Then I would listen to the material and repeated this process every day. I would try to not look at my notes and begin to recite and record what I knew and then listen to it and note what I did not say about a particular chapter.
  • Grade Received on Test 2- 68

Final Reflection

This learning outcome was one that I did not particularly enjoy because it was a lot that I had to record on top of my studying. The self-testing and Quizlet procedures were very helpful and helped me improve my grade. However, the recite and record did not help me. I am not sure if this particular procedure was helpful for this subject. Maybe it would have been more beneficial to use the self-testing for Econ and use the recite and record for Entomology. Overall, these procedures did improve my grade and helped me learn new ways to study.


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