PRSC Juggling Club

Juggling is an important part of any player’s development. Juggling is a fundamental soccer skill that helps improve a player’s touch, ball control, coordination, concentration, reaction, balance and self-confidence. The purpose of the juggling club is to promote, encourage and challenge players to improve their technical skills while having fun.

Players can juggle any time they want, it just takes a ball and a little space. Daily juggling at home or before practices is best. Players touches will increase as they practice. It only takes 10-minutes a day to improve.


The club encourages players to challenge themselves and to keep track of their personal best. Players reaching 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 consecutive touches will receive a bag tag that players can display on their backpacks with pride. The 100 touch tag is shown below:

Players also will be recognized for their hard work on our website and in our newsletters.


1. The soccer ball must be the size you play your games with or smaller and properly inflated.

2. Only touches with the feet count toward the total number of juggles. All other body parts can be used but they do not count toward the total number of juggles. For example, foot, foot, thigh, thigh, foot counts as three touches. The juggle count resets to zero once the ball touches the ground.

3. Honor system: Each player is responsible for accurately counting their number of feet touches on the ball. Players do not need an adult to count or be present, nor do players need to video their juggling sessions.

4. Reporting: Players that achieve a milestone number of touches should notify their coach. Once it has been confirmed the player's count matches their ability level, the player will receive their bag tag.

Juggling Tips:

1. Always put your foots down and re-establish balance after each touch.

2. Use both feet. Consistently involving your weaker foot will improve your rate of juggling improvement.

3. Establish a pattern and stick with the pattern. For example, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.

4. Set goals. Goals can be weekly, monthly, yearly. Set a target date for a certain number of touches and work to reach your goal. Start slow and with a reasonable goal and your results will improve with practice.

5. Be patient and keep practicing. Consistent practice, dedication and discipline will pay off. You will see your juggling improve.

Click on the links below for videos with juggling tips: