The Voice UGM of Salem - November 2016

God is Leading the Way!

Wayne lost quite a bit of his life to alcohol: jobs, money, his truck, his home, two marriages, and precious time with his daughters… all slipped away while he struggled to overcome a longstanding addiction. “I spoke to [a UGM staff member], and right away my girls popped into my head. I literally spent half a day sobbing, thinking about my girls and how much they needed their dad. They’re so young; they need a father, and I needed to straighten up.”

Wayne moved into UGM, throwing himself into the program and doing all he could to make sure his daughters’ futures included their dad. He moved through the classes quickly, doing so well that we featured his story in our Easter newsletter this year. He was happy to share his story with others, but he didn’t anticipate the encouragement he’d receive from his family: notably, his ex wife. “My former in-laws saw the newsletter and showed it to my ex-wife,” he says. “She told me she was proud of me, which was cool to hear. I’m glad they got to see that I’m working on things."

Today, Wayne is involved in a local church and is ready to return to work. Most importantly, he’s looking forward to a future with his daughters. “The time I’ve spent at UGM is nothing compared to the time I’ll get to spend with my girls. I’ll be there when they need me. “You know,” he muses, “I have confidence and hope now. I’ve been through this program, and I know it works. I know God is good.”

Bruce Bailey, Executive Director

Can You Spare Some Change?

One of the best parts of having four seasons is the changes we experience throughout the year. As humans, we tend to tire of sameness and long for a break in the monotony, even if for just a bit.

We undergo change as part of life, but not all change is welcomed. Changes in age are reflected in the mirror. Changes in our circumstances are often reflected in our wallets. Some changes are obvious in the moment, while we discover others in hindsight.

Everyone resists change a little. Some people resist change in any form.

At the UGM shelters for men, women and children, we daily interact with homeless neighbors who actively resist change. We know that change is necessary when someone is on a destructive path, but it can be very difficult. Change brings discomfort, fear of the unknown, and a loss of control. These individuals need our help and they need your help too.

As we open our doors to invite friends from the street into our shelters, I want to thank you for your continued financial and prayer support. Your volunteerism is also invaluable in helping those without hope regain a spark within that will motivate them toward a change for the better.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season,

God Bless you, Bruce Bailey

"I'm Walking with God"

You Helped Wendy Become a New Person

"I don't belong. There's something wrong with me. I can't trust anybody. If I leave, everything will fall apart. If people know me, they won't like me."

Wendy had carried these false beliefs around since her childhood. Later in life, she turned to drugs and alcohol to silence them...but in the throes of her addiction, she lived them out instead. Wendy lied to herself the first time she was at Simonka Place for Women & Children several years ago. She stayed with us for two months while between homes, knowing the whole time that she should have been in the recovery program. "I was good at hiding it," she admits.

After leaving, she moved in with a boyfriend and continued her lifestyle of drinking and drug use. Relationship problems drove her back to Simonka Place in June of 2015. This time, Wendy was ready to work on some deeper issues and joined our New Life Fellowship program.

Today, Wendy says, "I'm walking with Go. He's got a hold of me. He's not letting go and I'm not letting go of Him either." The Lord helped her overcome her addictions and gave her a bonus blessing. "He restored my relationships with my children who I haven't spoken to in two or three years. It was a miracle."

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