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Been messing with an idea that I wanted to do for a couple of years but never got around to it. I wanted to put some kind of perfume bottle up on a pedestal that was white and get the shot at a very steep angle from the bottom.

So this shot in a compilation of 4 shots, 1 for the cap, 1 for the neck, 1 for the bottle and 1 for the white box. All put together in photoshop and cleaned. The background was done in photoshop. The shadow was also done in photoshop but I just did another alteration with it before i uploaded

Swarovski Necklace

Swarovski necklace looking as it should very desirable from product photographer www.pwfoto.co.uk

Woking Boots

Heavy duty working boots product photography by www.pwfoto.co.uk

Jean paul gaultier

One of my favourite shots showing the sexy curves of the amazing bottle

Kouros aftershave

All done in 1 shot, just a challenge for me.

Nick Cabana rose gold watch

Taken for Nick Cabana as a creative shot. Lots of time went into this.

Flying Plates

Not one piece of crockery was injured during this shoot :) www.pwfoto.co.uk

Created By
Paul Williams


Dedicated product photographer, I do not do weddings, sports or scenery shots. I just dedicate my time to getting better at one subject.

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