Ancient Greece

The geography of ancient Greece

the geography impact the settlement of Ancient Greece and what they did because of all the mountains and the peninsula's and all the islands. many of the Greeks made there living from the sea they were fishers, sailors and even traders. the mountains also made is hard to grow crops but the the weather made it easier they could grow wheat, barley, olives, and grapes the also had sheep's and goats. the early cities were located

Class Divisions

the idea of Greek citizenship a citizen is a member of the political community and who treat others equally and they are people that have rights and responsibility's. the Greeks were the first people to have the idea of citizenship. this make the Greeks different from other ancient civilizations because the other ancient civilizations did not do this.


one style in art is painting another style is pottery another style is they also designed and made buildings they also made sculptures. art impacted Greece by helping them to express there own ideas into art. the Greek ideas Spread to in think Egypt and Macedonian kingdom and the Pergamum kingdom and the Seleucid kingdom

Organized Government

a Tyranny is someone who takes power by force and rules with total authority. a Oligarchy is when a few people hold power. a all citizens share in running the government. a Direct democracy is when everyone has power. a Representative democracy is when. the advantages of a tyranny is that you will get what you want and wont argue about it and a disadvantages is that you wont get to many ideas. the advantage of a Oligarchy is you will have more ideas and a disadvantage would be that you might argue about who's idea gets picked. in a Direct democracy a advantage would be that you would get so many ideas and a disadvantage would be that there would be a lot of arguing about witch idea. the advantages of a Representative democracy would be


the geeks believed in gods and goddesses they believed that the gods and goddesses controlled the weather and nature and a lot of other things that happen on earth. to there believes the Athenians came to honer Athena evrey four years at the Parthenon

Writing Systems

this is what some of the Greek letters look like

the Greek alphabet. in the Greek alphabet there are some letters that look like the ones we use and some of them look really weird to us and some have two word meanings.


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