Life of the Puppy The best

It all started at a beautiful morning, the story goes like this.

The little brown was having a great time playing with his owner and that will be ME!!!! This is a little brown male puppy and I name him after my name, Charles Lei, it is such a nice name for anyone. I adopted him from a shelter I few weeks ago and I love him very much.

We have a lot of fun together, and one of my friend even join the game I was playing with the puppy of mine. We play all sorts of games, not video games, the games we play physically.

My puppy is very shy, but it is also very naughty. After we finished playing together, we said our goodbye's to our friend and left. We went straight to our house where my mom prepare us a delicious meal. When I just going to use the restroom, I heard a lot of noise in the kitchen, I went back to the kitchen and saw the little puppy was playing on the table and all the delicious were on the floor. So much for a delicious meal.

Even though keeping a puppy cause me a lot of troubles, I still love him. I enjoy every moments I spent with him, except when I have to be the one who have to take the choo-choo after when I am walking him. Well, maybe there is just a way to not let me pick up the choo-choo of his.

So this is how the day ends. Well not exactly, but I'm not going to talk about the details, so see ya.

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