John Lennon by Jacob READ THIS NOW OR ELSE ...


john Lennon was living with his aunt Mimi all his life and when he was small his mom died he in school was sad and decided to form a band with his best friend Paul Mcatny and they called it the quarrymen then when they were older they formed a band called the Beatels and they went on to Beatelmainia and they were good.

the final song

when the beatels were starting to start to fall apart and to try and bring it back by mackeing the song everyone knows yellow submarine when they did decided to break up and split they went solo john who we are focusing went on to marry Yoko Ono and they sung imagine and many other songs then bad news came in. when the music died.


that's all he wanted

why cant we all live with his dream of peace and respect why.

the beatels



thank you for watching my thing and I hope you all understand what he wanted.


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