The Last Skin Barbara Ras

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Has anyone desribed the smell of wishbones drying

on the kitchen sill or the smell of glass, or the bucket of water

lifted from the well we go to when death takes the last thirst

from someone we love?

After my mother died, sometimes

I'd take the one piece of her clothing I'd kept

to bed and bury my face

in her flowered blouse to smell her last skin,

but even from the first it was futile.

What I got was the smell of goneness, the smell of screen

doors where moths have spent their wing powder

beating failingly to reach the light.

My massage therapist said she felt grief

in my body like hard empty boxes.

I felt like I was always handling dough,

never wanting the kneading to be done, never wanting

to bake the bread that meant the end of something having to do

with a mother and daughter in a kitchen.

My mother has been gone for years, and I begin to see,

in the spots on the backs of my hands, in the shelf

my cheekbones make for my cheeks, in the way I hold

my mouth against gravity's pull, that I carry her

wiht me, my skin, her skin,

her last skin.

Title: the author might have chose this title because she is explaining the last of something with a certain kind of unique skin... this poem looks like its going to talk about things that have happened in the past telling about the "last of something" looking back onto memories.
Paraphrase: Has somebody ever explained the scent of charms airing out, on the window or the whiff of a mirror or the pail of rain, risen from the fountain we walk to when the afterlife takes the ending drink, from a person we adore?, after my mom perished mostly, I'd steal an item of her cloth id keepsake, to bed and cover my head, in her blooming clothes to have her last skin fragrance, but even from the earliest it was worthless, what i received was the scent of loneness the scent of curtains,
Connotation: The entire poem "The Last Skin" is baisically all personifications... there aren't any metaphors or similes.
Attitude/Tone: The speakers tone is sad but in a way there is a little scaredness... She doesn't seem like she wants to let go o what she is holding onto.
Shifts: There really aren't any shifts in this poem, maybe a little bit of relief because she knows everything will be okay.
Title: The title of this poem, "The Last Skin," a meaning of it is having a moment to remember the last times you have with the people you love.
Theme: the theme of this poem, "The Last Skin," is about how we should enjoy the time we have with the people we love and cherish the memories while they last.


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