Church Lighting

Church buildings are some of our most beautiful examples of architecture and as such are worthy of careful maintenance and consideration.

Lighting plays an important part in ensuring these fine buildings are displayed properly so that they can be preserved for future generations.

Many church buildings are in need of upgrading to become more energy efficient and to reduce the cost of maintenance. Old tungsten lighting is giving way to high quality LED lighting, many of which are smaller and more discreet than what is being replaced. By paying attention to colour temperature and how the light is rendered it is possible to make the interiors visually stunning while adding a control system will enable scene setting that will further enhance the experience of those using the churches.

We have a passion for old buildings and believe that they need to be loved and cherished if they are to survive into the future. Lighting plays an important part in this process as it assists in creating an emotional bond between the space and the people who use the space.

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"What do you want to see?"

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