Questions & Answers Facebook Campaign- Clinical Paleo Protein Chocolate


Would we be using one of our videos we had created for the recipe guide?

We can use your content. I proposed "recipe videos" because I did not see recipe videos on your website. We did "custom recipe videos" for Dr. Davis (NY Times bestseller- Wheat Belly Book) see HERE

We also created a bonus for Dr. Joe Tatta for his book release (Heal Your Pain) see HERE

Let us know if you want to use your video recipe or if you like us to create your "bonus recipe video". We will follow your choice.

Where or would the shake guide be used?

This campaign proposal is for "consideration" and "purchase" and most Facebook users we will approach know about your type of product.

Facebook's funnels are not like other funnels. Facebook provides us with tools to identify the stage of intention of your consumers; To either be "Aware" or "Consider" or "Convert/Purchase" the product/brand. Facebook uses the massive amount of data they collect on their users to provide us with information to identify the facebook user intention.

As oppose to funnels on other software like "Infusion" where the customers take on a journey of "awareness" where >>they click to a "button" that leads them>>to a "sign up" which response>>to that "sign up" leads them>>to "added value." The "added value" is usually some literature like your shake guide>>. The customer then further "consider" your product proposition and eventually "purchase."

To answer your question, the "shake guide" is a great tool for lead generation. My understanding is that the goal here is to "sale" the product.

What type of follow-up sequence will there be from the ads or would the ads CTA buy the shake and ends there?

Our campaign proposes a "Call To Action" (CTA) that leads to your product and shopping cart. We will pursue the Conversions method of Facebook Ads.

Do you have any type of ROI data on previous campaigns you have done?

Every client and product has a different audience and thus a different outcome. Once we get the right audience, the results are fruitful and consistent.

Our proposal relies heavily on research aiming to secure the right audience for your product. Your investment including my fee and 3 days of campaign is $800.00. Keep in mind that your break even is the sale of about 11 items at 73.40. These numbers present a conservative approach and one that I seen to be successful in the past.

What’s the funnel flow start to finish, meaning after the ads what happens?

Facebook AD using consideration tools to> Shopping Cart/ Landing Page. Your landing page closes the deal.

What type of follow-up sequence is there if they don’t buy?

Your Shopping Cart will be the landing page for your Facebook Campaign. You can change that page to be one where they can either purchase the product or find more information.

If the page does not close the deal and they do not purchase. You can add a button to the shopping cart landing page for visitors to submit their email and get further information. The "shake guide" can be the auto follow to their email submission.

How does the client to buy whose responsible for what?

Not sure about this question. The client buys from your store/shopping cart and your company is responsible for delivering.

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