Spring break in LA by aida

I was very excited about the spring break this year, because my friend and I planned a trip to Los Angeles. I have always been dreaming about visiting this city. And as I arrived to America, checking out the flights was the first thing I did, since LA was number one in the list of cities I wanted to visit during my short stay here. Following pages will guide you through our journey to the city of angels.

Day 1. Exhausted and hungry. That's how we felt after 10-hour bus ride. And the first thing we did was having breakfast at our favourite Denny's. Walt Disney Concert Hall, Grand Central Market, The Broad Museum and Downtown in were on our agenda for that day. After seeing them all, my friend and I were just wandering. But suddenly, we saw people dancing and singing. As we approached them, it was obvious we were among latin community. Just sitting and watching happy people made me feel happy too. And it turned out we were right next to the Pueblo de Los Angeles. As a person who loves buying souvenirs, I went in to all the shops and I felt like I am in Mexico- no need to travel there; I can pretend as if I have been there just by buying a magnet or las maracas.

Cute child trying to pose according to her mom's instructions.
The Broad Museum and Pueblo de Los Angeles.

Day 2. Starting from this day, we travelled only by metro... to save money. Because our wallets were not ready for all the prices there. So, the red line took us to the Hollywood Boulevard and, honestly, I was disappointed. I did not expect it to be so dirty, full of homeless and "high" people. So, I made a conclusion for myself that Hollywood is very overrated.

Destiny's Child's star and boots of Spider-Man, who gave free hugs to us.

The most exciting part of day 2 was hiking to the Hollywood sign. After an hour and a half, we finally got there and forgot all the tiredness as soon as the sign was right in front of us. And I bet you can't even say that I am so weary on this photo.

Afterwards, we went to the Griffith Observatory. There I looked at the sky through a monstrous telescope and my friend watched a show in the Planetarium.

Day 3 was dedicated to Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

I really enjoyed the vibes of Santa Monica Pier. People seem to be so careless, happy... Although the weather was quite cold and windy for swimming, kids were playing in the water and running around as if it was 30 degrees (Celsius) outside.

Venice Beach was a bit different. Kind of hipster vibes in the air. And so many extraordinary artists by the beach. I wish I had a few more days to experience the local atmosphere.

Day 4. We were looking forward to this day because... we received admission tickets to "The late late show with James Corden" a week before our trip to LA!!! Personally, I am in love with this man and his charisma. That's why seeing him was very exciting. Afterwards, we visited The Grove, very pretty place where the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tried are sold.

At the Grove

Day 5 was Universal Studio day. We bought front line tickets in order to be able to try all the attractions and to watch all the shows in one day. Some of our friends said: "Oh, you spoiled rich girls!" But if only they knew that we had to give up on comfortable plane flights for the sake of these tickets.

Anyways, this place was worth a visit. I have no regrets... despite the worst bus rides in my life.

Everything there looks so realistic. For example, this particular area reminds of a small Parisian street.

Day 6. Beverly Hills and Long Beach.

To be honest, I always thought that all of LA looks like Beverly Hills. Maybe because of Hollywood movies. But when I have seen Downtown, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, I understood that I was so naive. The main thing that surprised me was the absence of homeless people in Beverly Hills. That's why it was the only place where I felt secure. Oh, wait... Long Beach seemed safe and sound too. If only we came here earlier for a longer time.

I am looking forward to coming back to LA soon. There are so many things we haven't done. But next time I want to bring my family with me. Can't wait to see their excited faces, especially my little brothers' Universal Studios.

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