INTERACTIONIST Conducting EXperiences for a life time

Up Close and Personal

This, is me... And that, is my new hairdo!

Over the last two docs we shared, I already took your time to provide an overview of my roles and responsibilities in prior positions, and tried to paint a detailed picture of those experiences in my cover letter hoping to make a case for "why" I may deserve your time, interest and investment. Now that we are up close, let's get just a tad personal...

I turned 39 this year and here is evidence that the child within is pretty much at large!!!

My journey took thousands of miles before arriving at IxD. It was only then that I was able to really tell stories...

I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1978. There was a revolution, the infamous hostage crisis, 8 years of war, and infinite sparkles of childhood, passion, and curiosity.

20 years later I found myself in Europe, where I spent my time learning about myself, others, shared experiences and life.

By the end of my 20s, life seemed to need a different outlook. That took me to St Louis, where I regrouped with my family, and explored the best opportunities to put my experiences to work...

I went to STLCC to earn my associates in Graphic Communications --the economy collapsed-- and eventually I went after a BFA in Interactive Design at Maryville University.

There was pains, and gains, and along the way... I even found joy in creating art.

A couple of months before we walked that stage in MU, I met an interesting looking guy at an AIGA meeting who offered me a job. I was sure in that moment that my learning experience was not to end any time soon...

...and thus, the professional life had begun

I am a strong believer that in life it is all about the experience. It's been the privilege of these personal, academic, and professional experiences that has informed my appreciation of chemistry, my design-to-develop mentality, and my curious passion for communication, research, and discovery.

Part 4: Getting to business

Now that we have taken ample time to get to know me at the personal level, let's take a few minutes to take a look at some case studies.

WESTERN STATES ART FEDERATION - Problem: Information Architecture. Solution: Users as Stakeholders.

Information architecture was easily defined after defining personas and user types, and facilitating design thinking sessions such as card sorting and journey mapping. Functional flowcharts were then delivered to cover business requirements and user insights, and once approved by stakeholders the outcome was communicated via interactive wireframes and prototypes for user testing and dev.

The success of this project led to the expansion of contract into a retainer to upgrade the main website of the company as listed above. Here is a link to the inVision prototype for the main site as well as a copy of the prototype for the above portion.

WYMAN CENTER - Problem: Brand Voice - Solution: Stakeholders as users

Success was made possible thanks mainly to early efforts in on-boarding the stake holders. Direct and remote sessions were facilitated in both individual and group settings not only to understand detailed business requirements but also to help key players develop a unified persecutive

Simple tactics such as design briefs and feedback reports played a key role in achieving stakeholder alignment and meaningful progress during this project. Here is copy of the inVision prototype for the main site.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle

With that quote, I can not wait to have the opportunity to pursue excellence in the company of this great audience.

Thank you for the chance to share my experiences with you!

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