Dora Bei Russo Drawing and Painting 1

I think I improved in the nose the most. I also believe that my facial proportions are a lot more accurate. My style tends to be more cartoonish and I find it challenging to make realistic drawings. What surprised me most was the difference in the way to draw a nose. I still need to improve shading and eyes. I find eyelashes hard to draw and not make them spider-like. I also made her (Veronica) look much older than she is. I'm not sure how to improve on that but I'd like to try... I am proud of how I shaded the drawing and how much better the proportions are.

I think I've improved the most on proportions and drawing things as I see them rather than how I remember them to be.

I didn't really 'get' the cubist drawing. I had a really hard time with drawing from different preservatives and not zooming in or drawing something completely different.

I really liked the first project with line drawings. I thought playing with line weight was fun.

I'd like to do things with different types of paint. I feel like we did a lot of drawing and not a lot of painting. I think learning painting techniques would have been more fun.

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