Week 3 Reflection

Despite the fact that over 800,000 international students studied at American colleges and universities in 2013-14 (Flowers, 2017) and the numbers are expected to increase, I feel that there are opportunities for enhancing multicultural interactions and capitalizing on the narratives that foreign students bring to our campuses that are missed because we do not realize it. Some of my most memorable experiences and instances of enlightenment came from interactions and conversations with international students. I learned a lot about myself, my culture, and global perspective from those interactions.

Hanassab and Tidwell (2002) states that one of the challenges for institutions of higher education in the United States is education the student population so that they are able to function in a pluralistic and multicultural society. There are issues with access to international opportunities for low-SES students in the US, but I think that we can use what we have in regards to the population of international students who live in the same dorms and in the same campus. There is much organic interaction between students, but I think institutions can do more to support and encourage those interactions.

The article about career counseling for international students was very interesting. I was a student worker at Swarthmore College’s career services office, and despite a large percentage of international students, there weren’t any dedicated services for their graduate or career needs. I realize that there are certain services such as counseling and career services that cater to a US citizens only, yet international students also need these services.


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