Harrison's Cave Barbados Exploration beneath the island

I had always thought of caves as cold, dank, and dreary places. Thanks to my tour of Harrison's Cave in St. Thomas, Barbados, I no longer believe this to be true. Sometimes it's good to be incorrect...

I'm not afraid of heights. I don't know if this is true, or if I'd simply like to believe this. But, after descending the towering elevator tower to the cave entrance below, I felt like the explorers in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's the lost world or on the set of one of the more recent Jurassic Park films.

I had bought a ticket at the counter that would have had me wait for an hour. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but the nice family that took me to the park would have had to wait longer for me to be done, so I got the nice people at the tram gate to let me get on an earlier tour since I was traveling alone and wouldn't take up that much extra room. They agreed, and so I got on 45 minutes earlier than planned. I'm not sure about what it says about people in the Caribbean, but common sense approaches like these I've found to be far more prevalent in the Caribbean than in the states. I like common sense, and I like not having to wait!

I was honestly very suprised by the professionalism and the amount of information available in the welcome center's construction and general layout.

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I was able to learn a lot about formation of Barbados, which is unique among the Caribbean states. A combination of tectonic plate collision and organic and inorganic sedimentation, and changes in sea level, the island features cliffs and surfer's paradise one the Atlantic side, and sand white beaches and crystal clear waters on its western and southern shores.

The cave system features waterfalls, pools, shimmering walls, and tapestries of Travertine and calcium carbonite deposits.

There different shapes that emerge from the stalagmite and stalactite that's growing everywhere (I always use the mnemonic "g" for "from the ground" and "c" is for "from the ceiling"). In one photo you might be able to spot the church, complete with the pastor, congregation, and pipe organs. In another, you might see what looks like a marriage proposal.

Besides the tram tour I took, there are other types of tours. The guide mentioned that they take smaller groups crawling through tighter caves, through mud, and through underwater waterways. I am not too sure if I'll be taking that tour, but I'll definitely be back!

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