Spring Has Sprung By : Cynthia Fonseca

Oh what a beautiful sight while looking around there was freshly bloomed flowers everywhere all different colors. Swaying wth the wind the flowers looked absolutely beautiful and with that we knew spring was here at last .

Everywhere I looked there was another gorgeous flower I couldn't believe what I was seeing never have I seen such beautiful colors it made me realize that nature is absolutely amazing and that there is nothing else like it.

Nature gives one a sense of happiness and well being it could never disappoint you. The way these things look in the sunlight the way they dance with the wind it's absolutely breathtaking.

Everything is apart of nature us ourselves are apart of nature. Nature is beautiful nothing is more peaceful or soothing then watching the flowers sway back and forth nothing is more beautiful then look at the sun through trees or watching the waves crash against the sand everything is beautiful.
Not everyday you see a flower with such a unique color.

Nothing puts a smile on my face more then when I go outside to see flowers everywhere and the blue sky it is the most amazing feeling to know that Spring has finally Sprung.

The End.

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