The reasons why we should get this puppy! By Jax and Maddie

  1. When Aries is home alone she will have some one to play with.
  2. If we get this dog there will be no arguing on who has to take the dog for a walk because we will each take one.
  3. You always say we don't play with Aries enough but with this dog Aries can play with her and we can play with them.
  4. We should also get this dog because you say Aries is way too protective of the house now if we get this dog she will have to share her territory.
  5. Aries is not friendly to other dogs so with this dog she could become friendlier.
  6. You said you would get us a nother dog if we did not get Tomy Cupcake and therefore you owe us this dog.
  7. You also owe Madelyn a dog from 2 years ago, so if we get this dog you will not be duet.
That is why we should get this Dog!

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