Newborn Session prep guide

My newborn session typically take two hours, but plan on your newborn session being even longer. Because of this I typically schedule newborn sessions in the late morning, around eleven or noon. Babies also tend to be sleepier at this time of day. I am not shooting the entire 2-4 hours. Much of this time is spent switching blankets and props, getting baby fed or diaper changed/cleaning up messes and soothing baby into poses. A fussy or wide awake baby who is unwilling to fall into a deep sleep can also effect the length of the shoot. If you can keep your newborn awake a minimum of 2 hours (preferably 3-4 hours) before coming, that helps for a sleepier and quicker session. This is not always easy to do but will greatly benefit all of us. The sleepier your newborn is, the more set-ups I can get while they peacefully sleep! Please dress the baby in ONLY a button up or zip up sleeper, a loose diaper and no socks (to help with creases and marks on babies tender skin). Also nothing that has to go over the head, the baby will be naked or wrapped for most of the session. A bath and feed RIGHT before you come to your session is the best way to make sure baby is sleepy and full. The car ride to the studio will help to get them in a deep sleep so we can start right away with posing and styling. When you arrive at the studio, please leave your newborn in their care seat and I will take care of things once your enter. If you can bring a bottle and a soother or be prepared for extra feedings, that helps greatly to keep the session moving peacefully. I have a sitting area within the studio for parents, your are encouraged to take advantage of it to relax a bit while I try to work my magic. Besides the baby, mom and/or dad are all who really needs to be here for the session. Free wifi available. I have a small dog who will be kept away during our session. After your session; Within 24-48 hours of the session, I will post some sneak peeks to Facebook or to your email for you to enjoy. I will have the full gallery ready for you to download within 4-6 weeks of the session

I look forward to our session. Newborn sessions are my joy. Those sweet brand new little angles are my muse. Photographing them makes my day and that is why I have chosen to try and make them my exclusive subjects. I spend some time every day learning to perfect my craft. I appreciate you taking interest in my work! I am very passionate about newborn photography and I make sure that every session I provide is unique in their own special way. If you do have a theme/look/idea/suggestion on something you would like to share with me, please never hesitate to do so! I will do my best to make sure the session has something special you wanted to incorporate in it. Please contact me at your earliest convenience after having your baby so I can book you in asap!!

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