Wells Fargo Together We'll Go Far.

About the company: Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 and is one of the most respected financial institutions in the world. Wells Fargo offers relationships that last a lifetime and guidance to help customers make confident decisions.
Enterprise Finance Internship

• 10 week special training program.

• Offers many opportunities in networking and will help to develop professional skills.

• Tasks: Controller, Finance Line of Business, Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis, and Treasury.

• Access to mentors who will help to identify strengths and weaknesses, areas for growth, and provide guidance and support.

Why work at Wells Fargo?

• Wells Fargo supports and encourages professional development.

• Will reimburse employees for tuition expenses of up to $5,000.

Well Being

• Wells Fargo offers many tools and resources to help employees stay positive in terms of mental health.

• Wells Fargo wants to help employees make positive changes now to set the tone for the future.

Employee Benefits

• Medical, dental and vision health plans.

• Plans are covered at 100%.

• Wells Fargo offers a large network of doctors and hospitals to keep you and your family healthy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

• Wells Fargo supports thousands of national and community-based nonprofits annually to help revitalize and strengthen communities.

• Wells Fargo is one of the top cash donors in the United States and donated over $281 to nonprofit organizations in 2015.

• Wells Fargo's donations are focused on community development, affordable housing, education, disaster relief, financial education, clean technology, job training.


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