My Passion Project! :) About rugby

Kiora guys I am going to be presenting my passion project about rugby.

Why I am passionate about rugby

I am passionate about rugby becuase I tried a season of soccer/football and didn't like it, that much. What i didn't like was the kicking part and waiting for your turn to get the ball. So i thought maybe if I try rugby, that might be faster and more enjoyable. I liked this game so much I wanted to be an All Black. So i singed up for a Ripper team at Suburbs Rugby Club. I have now played two seasons at Ripper and one season at Tackle.

I love rugby because i have loads of energy and love running around. The skills you need to play the game such as throwing and catching the ball are great fun to practice. I also think playing in a team sport with all your buddies is something to look forward to each week. Then the challenge of getting them down to the ground, in a tackle, makes me feel like a winner. My most favourite part is getting covered in mud, from head to toe, then having a nice warm shower which makes you feel like you have achieved somthing that day.

What Inspired me

I was inspired by my parents saying that maybe i should try rugby if i didn't like soccer. It is also good because it is important to be active. I felt like i had achivied something last year from doing a year of tackle.

Good Job All Blacks!

Where i see rugby taking me in the future

I don't know where rugby will be taking me in the future but i defintley want to keep doing it and see how much i improve each year. I also think its important to keep challenging myself to keep going. I like trying to win player of the day and tackler of the day.

How This Passion Impacts On My Life

I get to see my mates at training and enjoy playing the game together. We play well as a team and i now love team sports. It's great exercise for me and i have learnt to take my sports seriously with no mucking around. Because i have played a few seasons, i now have an understanding of:

  • Commitment
  • Respect for the coach
  • Playing within a team.

This is my faveourite tackle photo.

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