El Greco By Jack Elliott

El Greco was born in Crete in 1541 with the name of Doménikos Theotokópoulos and lived to the age of 73 and died in 1614

El Greco's formal art career started when he went to Venice to study and was taught by Titian.

As El Greco's world of art expanded, he moved to many different places including Spain (where his nickname comes from) and Rome too. He focused on paintings. He became known for his religious art with elongated figures and fantastic pigments. This shows how advanced El Greco was compared to others.

A couple of El Greco's famous paintings are Portrait of a man, View of Toledo, and Miracle of Christ.

This is Portrait of a Man, one of El Greco's best works

You can notice how the figure of the man is elongated like many other people in his photos.

Great patrons like Farnese and other nobles and wealthy churchmen provided money for him to create his artwork. In the works of art that these people funded he used modern ideas like perspectivism and classicism.

"View of Toledo" is my favorite of El Greco's many paintings It is held in Museo del Greco in Toledo. This painting depicts Toledo, where he studied.

The View of Toledo is a very intriguing painting. It shows perspectivism with the receding castle and the curved sky and landscape. El Greco shows very intricate and fine brush strokes in his artwork too. His paintings also show colorful paints.

Perspectivism is the most prominent feature of this painting. I thought this because of the way the clouds look curved and objects get smaller as they get farther away.

El Greco uses important styles in his art. Some include fine brush strokes and perspective.

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