Peace of Mind Self-Design exhibit

I want to study the effects of submitting ones mind to a meditative, peaceful stat before undertaking a strenuous event such as an exam. I have read that allowing yourself to have mental peace and clear your mind allows you to relax and thus focus better at the time when your full mental capabilities are required. Ex. Athletes focusing in/meditating/listening to music before games.

I expect that with a small period of complete relaxation both physically and mentally while in a non-threatening and calming setting can significantly improve cognitive function during a stress event (in this case an exam)

To conduct my experiment I will go to the rowing docks at approximately 10AM before each exam I have in statistics and spend 20minutes in quite meditation laying on my back on the dock, during this time my phone will be off and I will be as empty minded and relaxed as is possible. To quantify my results I will compare my exam grades from statistics this semester to the same statistics class that I took in the Fall of 2015. I will share this data on bar graphs for ultimate viewing satisfaction.

Concluding this experiment, I'd say my hypothesis was correct. The exams taken with a period of relaxation and peace before received grades that are significantly higher than the ones in the control group from Fall 2015.

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