The Floppy Disk By Nathaniel Perry

The inventor of the floppy disk, Yoshiro Nakamatsu, has invented a lot of different interesting things, but the floppy disk was by far the most important, because of how it changed data storage.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu

The Floppy disk changed data storage for good. Beforehand, computers would use cassette tapes for storage. It was a pain to rewind the tape to get to the data you needed, not to mention, having the volume too high or too low on the cassette player would affect the tape negatively, so this helped improve data storage for the better.

What was used for storage before the floppy disk

The floppy disk was used from the start of the 70s until the mid-90s, when the floppy disk saw its decline. Many companies tried to keep the disk relevant, but with the need for larger disk space growing rapidly, the disk became outdated.

The floppy disk was used by other companies at first, but when apple saw a need for the disk's space, apple adopted the disk, and it was mainly used by them until the disk saw its decline.

The floppy disk was important because, as said before, the way to store information via cassette was problematic, so the disk was invented and helped improve storage, but the disk was soon outdated, as USB drives, and other storage devices were created.

The floppy disk came in many disk sizes, starting at around 8 inches long, and then decreased as the technology improved. Also the term "Floppy Disk" was coined because of the original material's wobbly nature.


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