Athena + Joan of Arc Elizabeth Mrozek

Athena is the Greek Goddess of War. St. Joan of Arc is well known for her expertise on the battlefield.
Athena is known for her wits and smarts.That is how she has earned her second title as the Goddess of Wisdom. Joan of Arc has shown, during her negotiations with the superiors of France, these same traits.
Athena's debut as a warrior began when she broke through Zeus's forehead. She was dressed in armor and was a full grown adult.
When she was 13, young Joan was hearing and seeing three other saints that came before her. They kept telling her to drive out the English from French land. When she became 16, she made her first debut as a soldier of France.
As well as being skilled warriors and smart, both Athena and Joan of Arc showed much loyalty to their God. Athena was extremely loyal to Zeus, and was often regarded as his favorite child. Joan was always loyal to God, even going to war at His and the saint's command.
While the Goddess, Athena, and St. Joan of Arc are from two separate and opposite beliefs, one cannot deny that they are strikingly similar in personality and character.


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