Commercial Advertising Print & TV Photography / cinematography by carlos chiossone

Insurance Campaign

Pharmaceutical Campaign

Pharmaceutical Campaign

Pharmaceutical Advertising

Lifestyle Test

Insurance / Finance

The hands that took care of us
They still take care of themselves
Plan ahead for their future

Capturing my Surroundings

Something I constantly do is look at my surroundings and capture images that can be visual aids for campaigns I am working on. This was captured while visiting CT

Test based on "worry".

Either pharmaceutical, financial, or other life event. Kids always by her side caring.


The creation of PSAs is something I have always liked doing, I truly believe that we need to educate.

The video below is something I shot while at a kids birthday party. Again something to use as future reference for a campaign or PSA involving kids. 

Below is a spot shot about how healthy foods can help you in the recovery process from breast cancer. Was a hard segment as no faces were allowed to be shot to maintain the privacy of each survivor.

Below was shot as a test of our drone. We never stop trying new technologies or techniques that can better project a story or message.

Real Life Portraits

Health & Fitness

Real Life Family

Ebay Story & Interviews


More and more we see the cross between editorial and advertising. This was shot in a documentary/editorial style but often requested for advertising.


As real life stories become more mainstream, so does it's use in advertising. Baby 12 hours after birth.


I leave you with a few more images related and unrelated to the category. Please do view some of the other portfolios or stories, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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Carlos Chiossone

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