Autism Mikenzi Madsen

Autism is mental condition that is present from early childhood characterized by difficulties in communication and forming relationships.

Experts are still unsure about what causes autism. In all cases, there seems to be different circumstances.

Chances are one in twenty kids will be diagnosed: 5%

Symptoms of Autism:

Behavioral- inappropriate social interactions, poor eye contact, self harm

Developmentally- learning disability, speech delay

Cognitive- intense interest in a limited number of things

Psychological- unaware of others emotions, like depression

Anxiety is also common

Detecting autism isn't easy because there isn't blood tests or anything to find it, the doctors just watch their behavior and it can usually be found in the first 18 months. It can't be detected before birth.

Therapy helps so that the symptoms aren't so bad, there is also medications. But there is no cure.

Long term effects:


Tic disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder




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