Learning Objective #5 Personal values and goal setting

Common Exhibit

Sorting All of the Traits

I really had to think hard about what is actually important to me. It took some time separating what values I truly find most important to me from the values I feel would be expected for me to hold most important. Some of the latter may have even leaked into the Top 10 and beyond.

Top 10

I chose these 10 values as the most important values to me. I felt that it is important to grow both physically and mentally, while still understanding who I am and what I want to accomplish in my life. Self understanding is very important to me because I feel that it is so easy to get swept up in your life without stopping to get a firm grasp of who you are and what you stand for.
Sorting the top 10
I sorted the top 10 into what is most important as represented by a pyramid shape. The highest value I hold is growth. This is because I believe that growing and striving to grow as a person is what drives me to work hard and it requires most of the other nine values present in order for me to grow to my full potential.

Short-term goal

My short term goal is to dig myself back into a respectable academic standing. Relating to growth, I am learning how to be a better student through this semester and just by taking this class and accepting that I cannot go forward without becoming a better student shows that I have grown as a person since I enrolled at Clemson.

Long-term goals

It is hard to label as a goal, however I aim to always be learning and mastering new subjects throughout my lifetime. I believe that the more I understand about the world, the more I can understand within myself, so my goal is to never become complacent and to always try to retain the thirst for knowledge that i have now.


This activity opened my eyes to a lot of values that I hold close to me without even knowing it. At the same time it made me realize that a lot of values i thought were important to me were really just what I thought people expected of me and not actually what I cared about. Through this, I was able to gain further insight into my own life and I think that is a very rare occasion and that it is not to be understated. This was my favorite activity so far.

Self-designed exhibit

Portfolio progression

For this exhibit I decided to set goals for the check ins and the completion date of all exhibits.

My goal for check in number 1 was to have the first three common exhibits completed. I really let the first check in date sneak up on me so I had to grind out a lot of work the night before. I knew that although I reached my goal, this was not the point of goal setting.

Pulling an all-nighter to achieve a self-set goal is counter productive. It is better to hit small benchmarks at a time.

My goal for check-in 2 was to have all of the common exhibits completed. I reached this goal, but after the check-in, I realized that I should have set a more effective goal because my workload had not been properly broken up. This is because I still had all of the self-designed exhibits to do.

Its important that you set goals that will help you achieve a good final product. If a goal is too easy then achieving it is meaningless.

My last goal was to have the exhibit completed 5 days before the due date. This is so that I would have time to do final edits and ensure that I was turning in my best work. Also, if I failed to achieve this goal I would still have 5 days to make up for it.

Some goals can be effective even if they are not achieved. By aiming for a goal that is ideal, you will have a great product even if you fail to achieve the goal.


I learned that goals can serve different purposes if used correctly. By setting a goal to have the project done 5 days early, I ensured that I wouldn't be scrambling at the end even if I didn't completely achieve my goal. Long-term projects can be tricky, but with the right plan and goals in place, they are much less daunting.


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