Billy Graham By: Jessie Carpenter

  • My Missionary was Billy Graham.
  • He was born on a Dairy farm near Charlotte, North Carolina
  • His parents are Morrow Franklin (Mom) and William Franklin (Dad)
  • He has Three siblings Melvil Graham, Jean Graham Ford and Kathrie Graham.
  • As a Child he attended many Christians schools and went to sunday school.
  • He attended may collages such as Bob Jones Collage, Florida Bible Institute, and Famus wheaten Collage Alumni.
  • He is married to Ruth Graham
  • His kids are Franklin Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Gigi Graham, Ned Graham, and Ruth Graham
  • Billy Graham developed a passion for missionary work by going to many christian schools and by his hobbies of going to the church almost everyday.
  • Billy Graham was once The president of North Western Schools but resigned because he wanted to become a preacher.
  • He won many awards such as the American Academy of Achievements Golden Plate Award, Horito Alger Award, International Brotherhood award, The first inter-religious award, and the Freedom award .
  • Some Of Billy Graham's quotes are " My home is Heaven I'm Just Traveling through this world" and " Either Christianity dies or Communism dies because its actually a battle between Christ and Anti- Christ.

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