Blackboard Announcements Creation and Best Practices

Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information critical to course success.

Creating Announcements

To complete the steps below, edit mode has to be turned on.

While you can access announcements through "Course Tools" in the Content Management Menu, we recommend creating a course menu link for ease of access for both you and your students.

1. Click on the announcements link in the course menu.

2. Click "Create Announcement."

3. Type in the subject of the announcement.

4. Type the message of the announcement. You can format the text, and attach files to announcements in the message.

5. Select whether or not you'd like the announcement to be date restricted. We recommend making announcements not date restricted.

6. Check the box if you'd like to send an email copy of the announcement. We recommend sending an email copy for the most efficient communication with students.

7. You can choose to link to one location in your Blackboard course per announcement. If you'd like to do so, click the "Browse" button and select the course location from the pop-up window.

8. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page to post your announcment.

Best Practices

Resist the urge to share every piece of course-related information you encounter as an announcement. Reserve announcements for important course reminders and updates.

Too many announcements can be overwhelming.

Limit posting announcements to once-weekly, only exceeding this if absolutely necessary.

Be detailed but concise in your announcements. A vague announcement can create confusion and result in more work sending out follow-up responses.

If you want to keep your announcements short by keeping some details out, direct the students to where they can find the omitted information.

Try to limit announcement lengths to 3 brief paragraphs or less.

Sign your name to announcements. Especially in a fully online environment, this helps students see that you are active in the course and adds a personal touch to a setting that can feel isolating.

In an online or hybrid class, posting weekly announcements reminding students about what upcoming course materials are due and when they should complete it by can help keep students on schedule and increase success rates.

Posting weekly announcements on the same day each week will help establish and reinforce regular communication protocols.

At the beginning of a course, use the announcement tool to post a welcome message greeting the students and setting the tone for the course.

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