Mousetrap Car Competition April 26, 2017

The Physics standard level and higher level students had the opportunity to compete in their annual mousetrap car competition April 26th.

Students had the choice to build either a long distance or race car.

The mousetrap powered car is a vehicle that uses the stored energy in the spring of a mouse trap car for a motor.

The idea is to attach a string to the mouse trap and axle.

By winding the string around the axle the mouse trap's spring is stretched to store elastic potential energy.

As the mousetrap car is released the mouse trap pulls the string off of the axle causing the wheels to turn, pushing the vehicle forward.

Students then measured the total displacement for distance cars, or the time it takes their race cars to travel five meters.

In addition, students were asked to write a paper describing the evolution of their car's build, predictive equations based upon their specific car's design, as well as recommendations as to how they could improve upon their design for the future.

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