A Book Can Change the World By: reagan fortwendel

A book isn't just words on paper. A book is a story, a life, a world beyond anyone's wildest dreams. A book is inspiration, it is dignity, it is hope. A book can make people smile, laugh, or eveN cry. A booK holds a whole world of possibilities. And to unleaSh those possibilties, all you jave to do is turn the page.

A blank book isn't just a bunch if nothing. Instead, it is actually a bunch if sometihng. And that somethiNg is called oppUrtunIties. A blank book has a Realm of Opputunities. A reAlm that someone can fill with their own hopes and dreams. A blank book gives someone the chance to share themselves with the world. It gives someone the chance to spread themselves to others and to fill the world with creativity. So, who Knows, maybe a blank book is just a little bit magical.

An aUthor isn't just a person, An author is an artist. An artist who was filled with inspirtioN and longing. LOnging to Make a difference in the world And inspire others. An author has to have drive, compasSion, aNd purpose. They have to want to do good and make a difference. They have to push themselves to be the best they cAn be. And, if an author does all that, someThing beautiful is created.

Books are love. Books are sorrow. Book are evem anger. But no maTter what, a book is a creation that can change the world.

Created By
Reagan Fortwendel


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