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A digital TV signal carries a lot of pictures and sound as a number code like a computer does too .A digital signal can carry as much as it can. The signal collects data and sends it to your tv.

This is a Tv show that can teach you how to be a pro tv.

TV lets kids share more things with other people .Kids learn important values and life lessons to become a learner and be a teacher too . Hollywood films and movies teach kids too.

TV can teach kids how to learn and be good in school and pass thegrade are you in like fourth grade. You can pass and go to fifth grade and keep going too.

Dora the Exporter helps you learn .So does Magic school bus helps. And bubble guppies.the last one is Siberia chase.

The fact about Dora the explorer is it can help little girls and boys sometimes it can help with your problems and your friends and family too.





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