Adobe Creativity Challenges For NSW & Vic Students - Year 5 to 9 - 2022

Work with a team to design & share a digital solution to a brief or a problem with your Adobe tools.

Open to NSW & Victorian students in Years 5 to 9

The challenges can be completed while in lockdown if required

Connecting online with the Adobe Education Team and other schools.

  • One challenge per state each term during 2022
  • You can register for multiple challenges
  • A teacher needs to register the potential number of students involved
  • Each challenge involves a teacher briefing, kickoff session & showcase event
  • All sessions are free, online and recorded
  • These challenges are not a competition, they are a celebration of creativity and problem solving. However, only the best solutions that meet the criteria will be showcased and published

Video solution option

Create a video story (no longer that 1 minute) made with either Adobe Spark Video, Premiere RushCharacter Animator or Premiere Pro & After Effects (if you are game).

Webpage solution option

Design & build a 200 word webpage with Adobe Spark Page

Poster solution option

Design and create a poster with either Spark Post or Adobe InDesign

Not only will the best solutions be showcased during a live a recorded event with students and teachers, but they will also be published via various Adobe in Education publications that reach over 30,000 teachers in the Australasia region.

Problem-solving, collaboration and creativity are widely recognised as essential skills to thrive in the future. These are the skills on show during this challenge event and are what we will be celebrating.

Past Creativity Challenge examples


Advice for teachers

  • MS Teams is the main online portal for all sessions.
  • We will have a live online and recorded briefing for teachers about a week prior to each challenge event.
  • Encourage your students to submit their solutions to you for review prior to final submission date.
  • You can involve as many students and teachers as you like but only one teacher will be the main contact for the school;
  • The kick off session will be recorded if you can't make it live;
  • The main teacher for each school will be sent the online connection information via email and via a digital calendar invitation, please share the MS Teams links for the Kick off & Showcase with your students.
  • Please help organise the students into their groups
  • Feel free to join your students, help them where you can and learn from them.
  • Try and allow some class time during the week for the students to plan and create
  • Depending on numbers, you may need to select which solutions will represent your school at the showcase. Some schools like to run their own mini competition to decide which solutions will be showcased.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Dr Tim Kitchen (kitchen@adobe.com).

We are looking forward to working with you

Dr Tim Kitchen - Adobe
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Tim Kitchen