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"90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone."

Marketers are feeling overwhelmed with consumers that want all of their purchases and visits tailored directly to them. Whether it's the recommended section of Amazon's Prime service, a custom search engine result based on previous likes or desires, or even a multi-channel campaign providing and keeping interest through multiple touch points, marketers need to face these challenges to be successful.

Trend #1: Insights Fuel Growth

The analytics provided to us through tracking services help us gain a better understanding of how customers are interacting with products. These insights can provide marketers with a better feel for their customers, and give a deeper view into their attitudes, buying habits, and more. The key to being successful in the future is to use the technology available to us to be able to capitalize on these opportunities to better reach customers.


Marketers previously used mobile as its own channel, but customers don't see you as 12 different engagement channels, they see you as one integrated brand. The future entails strategies to reach customers on their mobile devices, rather than just having "mobile strategies." By integrating current forms of technology, marketers can better reach customers while using multiple channels that are all integrated together. The devices that are readily available to consumers are rapidly growing, and keeping up with this trend will keep you ahead of your competition as well.

Trend #3: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been making a change for the better and will be a crucial step to success in the future. By segmenting in a more creative way, marketers can reach more people by having a more well-rounded approach. Instead of trying to control the specific message, marketers can better reach individuals by increasing their influencers' success. By tracking the analytics and metrics given by this method of marketing, we can better understand the amount of sales that these influencers are driving.


Recently there has been a drive to integrate all channels of advertising. With technologies that are not often synced together, we end up with many solo acts rather than fluid multi-channel campaigns. This brings forth the opportunity for improvement. By spending money more efficiently, marketers can get more out of their advertising techniques. Once campaigns become more integrated and fluid, better analytics and insights can come from this to be able to better tailor a campaign to fit the needs of the consumers. A better fit campaign will lead to higher conversion rates and increased loyalty of your customers.

Trend #5: Customer Success

Predictive tools are being implemented and will continue to be used in the future to increase customer satisfaction. By having better customer service systems in place, following up will never be easier. The collection of data from customers drives further success with them by giving the abilities of highly customizable data and even personalized data and messages. Also, by making higher quality mobile interactions as well as a well-liked in-store experience, customers' satisfaction levels will continue to rise.


Marketing tactics have been focused around both left and right brain activities now that the technology has advanced to be able to put data to the creative side of things. Creative and technical minds are now working together to present the most successful forms of marketing since its beginning. By using technology, people, strategy, and process, the most successful marketing strategies can be employed. The companies doing these things together are succeeding over those who aren't and giving themselves a competitive edge in the marketing world.

Trend #7: Interactive Email

Perhaps the best channel for online sales conversions, email marketing has proven to be the most successful by giving the most relevant information to the most engaged users in the quickest fashion possible. Interactive email-based shopping carts are becoming a new way for HTML emails to engage their audience before they click a link to go to a site. By doing this, email marketers are opening the doors to interactive emails like never before. However, this also poses an issue with the rendering of the email content across multiple different email clients. This issue can be dealt with by immense amounts of trail and error testing, so it is a good idea to start on something like this to get ahead of the marketing mix and differentiate yourself.


We're living in a world where data is becoming more relevant to what we do with our marketing. Dark data is that information that we can't do anything with, and is therefore overwhelming the analyzers. However, a focus is being put on the vast amount of data that is readily available to us. By doing more things with this data like finding insights, evaluating buying habits, and establishing customer behaviors, we can make 2017 a more successful year.

Trend #9: Mobile Changes

The next big thing with mobile development are the apps like Uber and OpenTable that are integrating standard iOS and Android apps with creative new services to better reach their consumers. This new opportunity will be available to marketers to exploit after searching for areas where their customers spend a majority of their time within their mobile device. This opportunity is successful when a brand places themselves as more than just an icon, but a utility that is helpful to the consumer's every day life.

Trend #10: The Customer Journey

The bottom line is that the data from the customers is key. Marketing is going digital, mobile-based, and multi-channel. Even the smallest of changes are crucial to business success for the future. Seeing things from the customer's point of view will also be a key factor to succeeding. By making campaigns multi-channel, data silos will be eliminated for higher conversion rates. Making the customer journey easier and more collaborative is the only way to keep their satisfaction levels at a peak.


As a marketer, you are tested daily to be able to better your brand in a successful manner. These 10 key trends to marketing success in 2017 are a great starting point for success in the near future, and have already proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with. By picking the strongest factors, your marketing mix can be a success in the upcoming years by enhancing the brand as a whole, increasing customer conversion rates, and fuel the growth of the company. By doing these things, 2017 could be your most successful year ever.

Reference: 10 Key Marketing Trends for 2017 and Ideas for Exceeding Customer Expectations– IBM Marketing Cloud


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