Snoopy World

There is one big chaotic dysfunctional family. They all have different personalities and different hobbies. First, the 2 middle children are trouble (Joe cool & snoop) they were teaming up together and bullying the youngest brother because he has a dream. His dream is to be a pilot but his whole family except the oldest brother believes he can do it.

This is the oldest brother and his name is snoopy man he is a superhero who helps good people. He is one of the most successful in his family and his younger siblings look up to him.

Snoop dog loves bullying because he is just an angry person. So to get his anger out he takes it out on his siblings and steals there money and beats on them. He is the second to oldest sibling and hates snoopy man because he's so successful unlike him and his parents are ashamed of him.

Joe cool was caught by snoop man stealing from the bank and so snoop man grabbed him and hung him by the tree and told him"I will turn you into the cops if i ever catch you stealing from this bank again without a reasonable reason". So snoop man got him back to the house so he could tell his parents and get him to his room so he doesnt cause anymore trouble.

Snoop Man again did another good deed for his people without anyone getting hurt. Now snoop man will be flying around saving many others.

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