Good Life Tour of the Harn NicHolas Gonzalez

Pictured above is myself with my favorite piece of art from the exhibit on Africa

Medium of art/Technique of the Artist

During my trip to the Harn, one of the most impactful pieces of art that I came across was the Face Mask of the Dan people of Liberia. Seeing it in person helped allow me to better understand and appreciate the work because I got a more visually detailed view of all the different textures and materials used to create the work which included wood, cotton, cowrie shells, glass beads, and kaolin clay. What was so striking about the medium and technique used by the artist was how the mask was hand crafted with so many different materials but was still able to flow together aimlessly even though none of the mediums used were similar to each other. I find it amazing that no tools were used in this construction just the hand of the artist. This piece in particular communicated to me the importance of rituals and tradition within the culture of the Dan people of Liberia. The artwork made me feel as though I was observing something much bigger than just the creation of a single artist, but as if the art piece itself was a single stroke in the painting of the culture of the Dan people.

Here I am pictured enjoying the design of the Harn

Design of the Museum

An exhibit/wing of the museum that really appealed to me was the European wing that contained much art from early European civilizations and depictions of them. This was appealing to me because the majority of the architecture of the exhibit was beautiful wood and orange walls that really exemplified the features of each individual art piece but also made you feel as though you were in a room of importance. The arrangement of art and spacing was also very appealing, having the majority of paintings and pieces on the outer walls but also having a hexagon of walls in the middle of the room with the largest and most drawing to the eye paintings. The exhibit made me feel as though I was observing very important historic moments such as of the Vatican when it was first being built.

Here I am pictured enjoying a piece of art that focuses on family values

Art and core values

One of the pieces at the Harn that appealed to my core values was "Scenographer's Mind VIII" by Eija-Liisa Ahtila. This piece displays my strong core value of family. This piece allows my to explore and better understand my core value of family by depicting an event that has not yet occurred in my life which is caring for your own newborn child. So through this I get to visualize the importance and delicacy of loving and taking care of an infant that you love unconditionally. This gives me insight into what will hopefully be in my future. The emotion that this artwork instills in me is endless love and being warm and cherished. This helps me better understand my belief in importance of family by showing it is indeed a life long value that can be applied at all time periods of life.

Pictured above is my friend Kindle displaying his patriotism and respect when viewing the art containing the Twin Towers (written consent was received from those pictured above)

Art and the Good Life

The above pictured artwork displays the Good Life them of fighting for what you believe to be is your Good Life. This is because this piece shows the Twin Towers in all their beauty before they were attacked on 9/11 which consequently resulted in the U.S. going to war in order to fight to protect our way of life. It as to my understanding and appreciation of the theme of fighting for your Good Life because it shows how outside forces can threaten and try to take away your Good Life but you must persevere and fight back in order to preserve what is yours and the happiness and success you have built. It also teaches you to appreciate the sacrifices that are made in the pursuit of the Good Life.

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